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Trans-Infinity Orchestra: Promotional Video

Trans-Infinity Orchestra: Logos

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Trans-Infinity Orchestra: Bio

The Trans-Infinity Orchestra was created to be a holiday experience for all; featuring the music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and telling the story of Christmas around the world. This is done with a musical ensemble second to none, an angelic choir, and a light show that is state of the art. Of course, it would not be complete without snow machines and other surprises that come along with this fantastic production. To go beyond that, The Trans-Infinity Orchestra takes it to another level by playing many holiday favorites and more. This is an experience for everyone young and old at heart. The Trans-Infinity Orchestra's goal is to include the entire theatre in its performance. There are choir members and band members alike in the aisles while performing to spread the holiday spirit. By the show’s end, no one will be in their seat. Everyone will be standing and singing to songs along with the entire cast. The Trans-Infinity Orchestra is a show that has sold out theaters everywhere they have performed. You can’t help but feel joyful and inspired after a Trans-Infinity Orchestra show. Bringing the holiday spirit and joy to all who come is the Trans-Infinity Orchestra experience; a show not to be missed.

Trans-Infinity Orchestra: Stageplot

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Trans-Infinity Orchestra: Additional approved promotional images

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